Insurance and Business Consultant





Usual and customary claims  handling

Insurance Company operational reviews

Respond to issues concerning insurance companies and insurance agents

Expert trial testimony Federal or State court

Having worked in all operation areas of the insurance industry I am able to testify to the generally observed and accepted industry practices.

Company procedure:

1. Insurance customs and practices

2. Company policies

3. Management involvement

4. Proper staffing

5. Coverage denials

6. Suit handling

7. Agency and Insurance company relationships

Case evaluation:

1. Proper case handling

2. Case investigation

3. Reserve policies

4. Workers Compensation

5. Liability personal or commercial

6. Commercial and personal property losses

7. Authority levels

8. Industry ethics and norms

9. Industry excepted standard

Loss and Expense payment:

1. How cases should be evaluated for settlement

2. Attorney bills

3. Timeliness of payments

4. Philosophy of payments

5. Staffing and backlogs of payments

6. Medical payment knowledge

7. Proper case investigation


1. Proper staff training

2. Training philosophy

3. Skill level of trainers

4. Proper investigative techniques

Trial Testimony

Usual and Customary  Insurance Practices

44 Years Experience

Senior Vice President Claims and Operations