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Paul F. Amoruso C.P.C.U.

With 44 years of experience working for several major insurance carriers, I am uniquely qualified to assist you on insurance related issues on local or national basis. If you are a law firm, insurance company or insured and need a independent review of an insurance issue regarding litigation, operations, practices or procedures I am available to assist you. I am able to assist you when your staff issues the most dangerous six words in the operation of an insurance company “This is how we do it.” I can find and offer suggestions how to correct this type of handling. In my career I have been a Claims Adjuster, Supervisor, National Examiner, Claims Manager, Vice President and Senior Vice President of Claims, and a Senior Vice President of Operations Board of Director member and independent insurance agent. I have had the direct responsibility of supervising over 250 people. I have written procedure manuals for all lines of property casualty claims and insurance operations I know how claims are handled, policies are secured and processed in the real life and how they should be handled. My designing of operational and workflow procedures for claims and underwriting was instrumental in organizing a company with starting 40 insurance policies, and growing to over 250,000 policies in less than seven years. I have taught and trained hundreds of adjusters, processors, supervisors and managers in the proper way of handling insurance issues. I have always functioned as a hands on executive. I am comfortable in dealing with trial testimony, Board of Directors presentations, classroom delivery, depositions, evaluating and personally disposing of complex issues, or defending a coverage position. I have particular expertise in Insurance Operations, personal issues, fraud, medical bill processing, case handling, reserving, attorney billing and case pricing. I have been deposed multiple times, written numerous federal an state reports  and testified in both State and Federal Court. I have testified in case arbitration, property value arbitration hearings and have extensive experience in general liability, automobile accidents, workers compensation issues, property and commercial building damage. I have also testified as to the responsibilities of insurance agents and companies in producing an insurance policy. My curriculum vitae is available by contacting me. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you concerning your current and future needs.